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Thursday, March 29, 2012

App Track Settlement Talks with Picture it Settled for BlackBerry

Track Settlement Talks with Picture it Settled for BlackBerry picture-it-settled

Settlement talks have finally begun and you’re wondering how to connect the dots. Picture It Settledâ„¢ has developed enterprise software to help litigants analyze their positions and develop successful negotiation strategies using patent-pending neural networks crawling over thousands of cases and settlement negotiations.

Some of that intelligence has been made available in this free app. Picture It Settledâ„¢ Lite tracks the dollar moves in negotiation. But, perhaps more importantly, it also tracks the time interval between offers. The app then takes that offer history and extrapolates it out in both dollars and time to help the parties picture whether and when they might reach a deal. The actual offers are connected by solid lines and the extrapolations are dotted.

The app also helps you calculate future offers based upon the concession rates of both parties. You may want to match your last move in the next round. The app will make that calculation based on your dollar move. If you’d rather move by the same percentage, the app will calculate that for you too.

If you’d rather match your opponent’s move, the app will calculate your move based upon your opponent’s dollar or percentage concession. Just click the other party box at the top and the app runs the same calculations based upon your opponent’s moves.

Download Picture It Settledâ„¢ Lite for free from BlackBerry App World
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