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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

App Stats on RIM’s Q4 BlackBerry App and Developer Milestones

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RIM might be down financially in Q4, but their stats for BlackBerry apps and developer milestones is quite impressive. With the release of the BlackBerry Dev Alpha prototype BlackBerry 10 device to developers at BB10 Jam conference, RIM hopes to catapult these figures even higher. Here’s what RIM says have been their Q4 milestones:

BlackBerry App Milestones â€" Q4

21% increase in BlackBerry smartphone apps89% increase in BBM connected apps240% increase in PlayBook apps submitted to App World

BlackBerry Developer Milestones â€" Q4

68% increase in vendors registered on App World42% increase in apps submitted to App World by developers137% increase in PlayBook apps approved for saleBuilt porting guides to allow WebOS and jQuery apps to be ported to PlayBookAnnounced port of Qt to allow Nokia developers to target PlayBook and soon, BlackBerry 10Launched BlackBerry Native SDK 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBookPrior to PlayBook OS 2.0 launch, incented 10,000 new developers to register as BlackBerry developers, with offer of a PlayBook in exchange for an app. Over 7,000 new apps submittedSince its launch 10 weeks ago, the BlackBerry Developer Success Story page has added more than 20 stories with more to come soon

BlackBerry Apps â€"By the Numbers

More than 70,000 apps in App WorldMore than 15,000 PlayBook appsMore than 2 billion total apps downloaded177 million apps downloaded per month
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